Core Drill


A Core Drill is a drill specifically designed to remove a cylinder of material, much like a hole saw. The material left inside the drill bit is referred to as the core. Core drills are used for many applications, either where the core needs to be preserved (the drilling apparatus used in obtaining a core sample is often referred to as a corer), or where drilling can be done more rapidly since much less material needs to be removed than with a standard bit.

3Kva Transformer included.

Size 24 Hour Rate 2 Day Rate 3 Day Rate Week Rate Weekend Rate
110v £23 £33 £39 £44 £30
Size Wear Charge
52MM Diamond Core £7 per MM
78MM Diamond Core £8 per MM
102MM Diamond Core £9 per MM
127MM Diamond Core £10 per MM
152MM Diamond Core £13 per MM