Hydraulic Fence Post Puller


The Fence Master Post Puller is a unique hydraulic post removal system designed to take the strain and hard work out of removing fence posts of all shapes and sizes. Producing a powerful 4000kg force capable of removing the post complete with its concrete footing, with no digging or breaking up of concrete necessary, in under two minutes.

The Fence Master machine can extract posts with heavy concrete footings in minutes which otherwise would take hours of back breaking work. The complete post and footing can then be simply wheeled away.

The Fence Master post removal system is the best in its class and really can save hours compared to manual digging. The unit is completely self-contained and operated by a hand pump.


Operating Mass 100 KGS
Claw Attachment Mass 14.8 KGS
Size 24 Hour Rate 2 Day Rate 3 Day Rate Week Rate Weekend Rate
£52 £78 £98.80 £114.40 £93.60